The Living Room Cinema is a dynamic new cinema company, looking to revolutionise the cinema-going experience. We were started in 2016 with one aim: to provide smaller provincial locations with a quality cinema offer.

Combining a quality film with a casually luxurious social space, coffee and cocktails, The Living Room Cinema pairs a single auditorium with a large, lounge like foyer area. This all day café transforms into a cocktail and wine bar in the evening. Combining all essential ingredients for a super night out, we aim to bring communities together and re-establish cinema at their heart.

We will transform iconic buildings and breathe life back into High Streets, creating a cultural and entertainment hub offering so much more than simply the latest films.

Our first cinema is in the little town of Liphook, in Hampshire, due to open in late 2020.. In an area with no full time cinema within a 20 minute drive, the iconic ‘Anchor Garage’ was crying out for a cinema make-over. It also happens to be the home town of our founder, Claire.

A Liphook local for 10 years, Claire Beswick has spent her entire career in the cinema and film industry, working for both market leaders and innovative game changers. It was always her dream to bring a quality independent offer to her local area – somewhere she thought was crying out for a boutique cinema experience and she readily assembled some of the biggest names in the industry to help deliver her vision.

Almost immediately it became apparent that there are countless other towns like Liphook, that do not have a local cinema and are classed as “too small” for a major operator. Currently The Living Room Cinema is in various stages of development on four other potential locations with the aim to have up to ten cinemas operational by 2025.

We hope to see you in one of our venues very soon.